EVMWD offers many DIY workshops throughout the year including:

Six ways to make your garden California-friendly!

Gorgeous California-friendly landscapes are easy to maintain and easy on your wallet! We will show you simple steps to create your own colorful, water-saving front yard!

Master Gardeners Workshops

Learn useful tips from master gardeners on seasonal planting tips, water wise landscaping, creating butterfly gardens, and much more!

Composting Workshops

In this “how-to” workshop, learn how to recycle organic resources such as yard trimmings, fruit and vegetable waste into a dark, crumbly, sweet-smelling soil conditioner. Compost can be used to enrich the soil in gardens, lawns and house plants. Instead of putting organic waste in the garbage to be hauled to the landfill, learn to compost!

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Other Local Workshops

Please visit www.iegardenfriendly.com to take advantage of similar free workshops in nearby areas.